General Information


1. What is

Greenhandshake is a trusted community marketplace for new US arrivals to connect, find local help of the same ethnic group, offering us to live smarter.


2. How does Greenhandshake works?

Step 1: First you Post a Task writing a description, indicating where and when it needs to be done and setting the price you are willing to pay for it.

Step 2: In just minutes, Greenhandshake members will start bidding on your task indicating the price they would do it for.

Step 3: You can then browse through different members’ profile and accept the bidder you prefer. You will be asked to authorize the payment, and the selected Greenhandshake member will then complete your task.

Step 4: When your task is complete, the Greenhandshake member is paid online, and you get chance to rate and review their work indicating your level of satisfaction on their performance and on our website.


3. Do you hire the Greenhandshake?

We do not hire any of the Greenhandshake member. is the online bidding platform where members interact. We do, however, fully identity check and in-person interview our Premium Member.


4. Does it cost money to join Greenhandshake?

No. Greenhandshake is free to use, there are no membership fees to set up an account. We only charge service fee to Runners who perform the Tasks.


“How to post Task” Information


1. What kind of task can I post?

As a customer, you can post any job that you need help with. To browse through existing task categories see out home page. Please note that we reserve the right to remove any inappropriate tasks.


2. How much does it cost to post a task?

It is FREE to post a task. The price that you agree with the Greenhandshake member is what you will need to pay once the task is completed. There are no additional fees or hidden costs. (We charge service fee and Paypal fee to the person that completes your job.)


3. How do I know how much to pay for a task?

The price that you offer is simply a starting point and experienced Greenhandshake members will make offers so that you reach a fair price. There are no strict rule about how much to offer but as a starting point, think of how much time it might take the person to complete the task and what a fair hourly rate could be depending on the experience or skills required. You can also Browse Tasks and check out similar tasks before making your offer.


4. How are the Greenhandshake member assigned to my task?

When posting a task you choose the date and time that you want a Greenhandshake member assigned by. While receiving bids, you can review any member’s profile and accept a suitable one. If you prefer not to select one-and hence don’t get your task done- then you owe us nothing.


5. How do I choose the best person to complete my task?

On average, you will receive offers from 2-3 people who can complete your task. You can ask them questions, request further info and check out their profile to make sure that you find the right person for the job. There are no obligations to hire.


6. How do I discuss the task before assigning an Greenhandshake member to my job?

Whether you are a Task Poster or an Runner, ensuring your tasks are completed requires communication, We have built a dedicated commenting wall for each task, where you can comment on the task and ask questions. Once an Greenhandshake member has been assigned to a task, you can communicate safely through private messages to discuss further details.


7. Are the additional expenses included in the task price?

Customers can add any expenses required to complete the task to their task posting. However the Greenhandshake member’s bid will not be inclusive of these expenses.


8. Do you reveal all my information on the task page?

As a customer, your phone number and email address will not be revealed. It is, however, possible to include additional private information in your task which is only shown to the chosen Greenhandshake member.


9. How can I hire a specific Greenhandshake member for my task?

You can go to their profile and choose "Request Quote". Our system will email them for notification of your task.  


10. How can you contact the winning Greenhandshake?

When a Greenhandshake member is assigned to your task, we will automatically send them an email with your information allowing them to contact you by our private messaging system.


11. What if a Greenhandshake member has been assigned but my schedule changed?

In this situation, you are advised to contact the Greenhandshake member and find a more suitable time. If you cannot work out a suitable time then you can reassign your task.


12. Why is my task shows as Expired?

When posting a task, you select a time that your task has to be assigned by. After this time has passed, a task is marked Expired.


13. What if I have a problem/dispute?

Please let us know of any problem you have. Feel free to contact us by phone/email. You can view our contact details on our Contact Us page.


14. How do I pay for tasks?

When you order a task online, you can pay by Paypal account through our system or transfer money to our bank account, and Greenhandshake will hold the funds in escrow. When the task is complete and we you satisfied with the results the funds are released to the Runner.


“How to earn money” Information


1. How can I bid and complete customer tasks?

For this you will need to register to become a Greenhandshake member. As normal member you can get verify by Phone, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you want to become Premium Member, you have to apply by email. Learn more at BECOME PREMIUM MEMBER page.


2. How do I start earning work through Greenhandshake?

Create an account and then start building your profile to make yourself attractive to people hiring on Greenhandshake. Once you are ready to get going: Browse Tasks, start commenting and Make an Offer if you think you are the best person for the job.


3. How do I know what to bid?

You bid should reflect how much you want to be paid for your time, experience and effort. When submitting a bid, you must make sure that you are available on the completion date and time and that the location of the task is accessible to you. Transportation costs are NOT counted as expenses, so you should include these in your bid. 


4. When and how do I get paid?

Greenhandshake member are paid through Paypal once theirs tasks are completed. To authorize the payment, you will have to go back to your computer and click done on the task you just completed. The payment will be paid instantly into your Greenhandshake account. You can then request to withdraw money from your Greenhandshake account by following the instruction on your Account page.


5. What is the Greenhandshake Service Fee?

Once the Job Poster has released the payment, the fee will be paid from the Escrow Account to the Greenhandshake Worker after the deduction of the relevant fees. Greenhandshake takes 20% Service Fee of each task.


6. When can customers rate and review my profile?

All customers are encouraged to give you a rating (from 1 to 5 stars) and submit a review upon completion of each task. They receive this information in their email once you click “DONE”. The ratings and reviews are accessible to the public on your profile page.


7. What if I need to ask the customer a question after my bid’s been accepted for a Task?

After the Task has been assigned, you will receive an email alert containing the customers contact information. You can contact customer by our private messaging system. 


8. How do I deal with inappropriate content?

If you see something posted that you feel is inappropriate, you can hit to “Inappropriate” button below Task area. 


9. What if I have a problem/dispute?

Please let us know of any problem you have. Feel free to contact us by phone/email. You can view our contact details on our Contact Us page.