How it works

Post a task

Choose the best offer

Happy when task done

How to post a Task

Step 1: Post your Task

  • Tell us what you need
  • Where
  • When
  • Your budget

Step 2: Receive Bids

With thousands of carefully vetted Greenhandshake members will bid for your task. We will send new offers straight into your inbox and you can discuss questions right on the task wall.

Step 3: Select the member you believe is best

You can browse the bidders customer reviews, their profile and choose the person you think is right. You will need to fund for your task before assigning the runner by PayPal or any payment method possible (Learn more at "PAYMENT METHOD")

Step 4: Happy when task done

  • The Greenhandshake member will now contact you via our private messaging system to arrange the details and complete your task.
  • Once the task has been completed, you will receive an email to review the Greenhandshake member work.
  • When the task in complete and you are satisfied with the results the funds are released to the Runner.

How to Earn Money on Greenhandshake

Step 1: Browse through available tasks

You can browse through available tasks by States, Cities.

Step 2: Select a task that suits you

  • Pick a task that you are interested in and "hit" the Green "Make an offer button" by entering a price you think is fair.
  • A good profile and be "PREMIUM MEMBER" (Learn more at "BECOME PREMIUM MEMER") will help you score more tasks.

Step 3: Start running your task

  • Once you have been selected for the job you will be notified by email. You are now able to private message to exchange further details and get started to complete your task.
  • We will release the fund to you when the tasks in complete and customers are satisfied with the results.

*Hint: Make sure you get good reviews for your work that will build up your business successfully.