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Happy Lunar New Year 2015

2015 Chinese New Year English Greetings Red Background Illustrat

Tet (Lunar New Year celebration) is coming in 2 weeks! HOW EXCITING!! Without Tet, I don’t feel like 2015 is here YET. That being said, Vietnamese people in America at some point can feel like a new year has never come for them because they cannot have a proper and originally traditional Tet celebration in a foreign country. (OMG. Why am I still writing 2014 on my check??)

Nhật absolutely feels the same way as he wrote “The meaning of this Lunar New Year is family and friend reunion. I’ve been away from home, Vietnam, where most of my family live, and I dearly miss this moment of the year.”

Are you living in America? Do you miss having Banh Chung (Vietnamese traditional sticky rice cake) and desperately want a true Tet atmosphere right in the US? ORRRR mayyy be, you are in the international students club at your university and because of this occasion, you want to SHOW your fellows what a TRUE TET CELEBRATION is? Connect with our Vietnamese community on Greenhandshake at and start off a wonderful year! Tet can be the occasion for a reunion, but it can also be a chance to make new friends and build your network.

Jen Tran – Social Media Assistant

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Vietnamese community in the US is expanding but does this mean it is getting stronger?

vietnamese students in USEvery year, there are approximately 16,500 Vietnamese students go to the US to study and this number, not surprisingly, will continue to escalate in the next few years if not stays the same. This means that Vietnamese community in the US is expanding but does this mean it is getting stronger?

Thuy Pham is one of thousands of Vietnamese international students pursuing higher education in the US. She found so many struggles living in her “American dream”. Thuy wrote in her blog “I have discovered tons of dilemmas about life in America…”

But the story she shares here is 4 years ago. Today, we have all the tools and NETWORKS we need to avoid the uncomfortable experience Thuy had and better enjoy our “American dream”. Greenhandshake is truly one of those networks and we are committed to build a STRONGER Vietnamese community in the US. Ask for help and be the help.

Jen Tran – Social Media Assistant

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American dream is associated with a bunch of problems


For an international student, going to a US college is SUPER EXCITING!! You will experience an independent life faaaaaar away from home (no parents! yoo-hoo!), enjoy the best education system in the world and meet people from all parts of the world!

But that American dream is associated with a bunch of problems:

1. Homesick (Oh yeah, you will everything from home and weird things like the smell of your house :o)

2. The language barrier (an American friend greeted you the other day “What’s up, partner in crime?” then walked away while you were still confused and did not know how to respond, thinking to yourself “Am I a criminal?”)

3. Culture shock. (first time in your life, you will feel lonely in the sea of thousands of people)

YET, “One of the most daunting tasks is finding a place to live – especially if you’re searching from overseas… most international students don’t have someone to guarantee them find housing.”

In this article, the author is discussing how international students share and find housing information through social media. This can be a very convenient and clever way, BUT these students are concerned about whether they can trust the information. What else? They don’t know if the price is the best deal that they can find. So while those international students are fumbling for housing, why don’t YOU get help from OR become the help of our Greenhandshake community? We connect people from not only the same ethnic group but also are the ones who share the same experience of living in the US to help each other. The best deal is always for you to determine. But most importantly, you can always trust our community.

Let’s maximize your awesome experience in America and enjoy the adventure!

Jen Tran – Social Media Assistant

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Mr. Nghi Tran – CFO/Marketing Manager in Vietnam attended VietAbroader conference in Hanoi

Nghi Tran - Vietaboarder

Mr. Nghi Tran – CFO/ Marketing Manager attended Vietabroader conference in Hanoi 2014

Mr. Nghi Tran – CFO and Marketing Manager has been invited to attend Vietabroader Study-Abroad Conference Day as a speaker on July 20th, 2014 in Hanoi, Vietnam. In the meeting, he has shared a lot of experiences during the time studying in the US to help high-school students and their parents have a clear vision about US education system. Furthermore, he also shared how to face, overcome challenges while transferring from community college to 4 years college, and recommended the best preparation since they were still in Vietnam. Throughout his story, he handed on the torch to all Vietnamese student with full dreams to success in the US, a land of competitiveness, opportunities and prosperity. He hopes he would have more time to share as well as discuss more details of US life with students in Vietnam.


VietAbroader is a student-run, nonprofit organization that provides Vietnamese students with training and guidance to encourage them to study abroad, primarily in the United States.

VietAbroader Study-Abroad Conference (VASAC), the flagship program of VietAbroader Organization, was initiated in 2005. The Conference includes a seminar in the morning, which provides attendees with general information on U.S. education, and a school fair in the afternoon, where students can ascertain school facts and scholarship programs through representatives of more than 100 top U.S. schools.


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