Ways to Socialize as a New International Student

As an international student, your first day in school is always kaleidoscope of feelings. There is the excitement of experiencing new things and more to come. There is too, the feeling of nervousness in meeting new people from another culture. Most of all, you are determination to start classes on the right foot. The new semester in a new place means a novel opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and the challenge to try new things. You know these are important things to do when you are traveling in another country. You want o to develop a social life that can be challenging when you travel alone. Thanks new technology, you are just a click away from your loved ones.

Students today are equipped with many tools to join new organizations or learn new skills. There is no excuse for staying away. It is true that in a foreign country, you will have difficulty in finding the right niche to fit in but then this is part of your task and it can be fun!

Student Union on Campus

In the United States, most colleges or universities maintained a building they called   “the union.” This centralized venue is the place where most social events in the campus are held. It is usually a high traffic area for students conglomerate in this place. If you are interested to join a group or do things for the weekend, you drop by your on-campus student union and you will find what you are looking for. Some student unions maintain bowling alleys; operate small movie theaters and manage restaurants for your pleasure. Even without your own vehicle, the student facilitates finding something for you to do and to socialize!

An App for anything you need

In your search for something interest to do, technology becomes your ally and best friend. Use your app to get connected to events nearby or groups in the proximity, etc. Equip your mobile phone with Meetup, a great app where you can start creating an interest group and be joined by people around your town. If you need a ride, another great app is Uber that is replacing public transport in certain places. They arrive on call and their fees are easy on the budget. Uber drivers operate their own cars and will give bring you to your destination for a fare that is a fraction of the cost of a taxi.

Like it in FB, Tweet what you do and Snap it

Social Media has greatly transformed the meaning of communication. As your career is taking an upward direction, it is important to relax after stressful days and enjoy. Facebook lists the events happening in your area and will remind you of its sked. Twitter account has list of clubs near the campus or groups around campus to follow and join activities. With Snapchat, you can preview the event before you go that way.

Ask your housemates

In a live on-campus, you come across hundreds of people every day. Some people are like social butterflies for they join all activities while others prefer to hang around a couple of pals. However, it is in the halls of your resident building that you hear all news of going-on or learn about the fun and nightlife happening during the weekend. It is also the ideal place to start as people around are also looking for something to do! You are all in the same wagon, trying to look for, explore and try new things.

Now that the place for you to start is settled, you know the direction. Get up from your bed and watching Netflix; learn a new dance move and enjoy happy memories of your exciting time as an international student. Make sure you are ready to go out there with confidence attending an event or joining a group. You have everything to gain, your only lose is the boredom of staying home.

Mike Lee – Social Media Assistant

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