Top 7 things every International Student should know


Are you an overseas student attending a University in the United States? There are many things to consider in the process. Consult your adviser before choosing subjects, electives and courses. It is not necessary to graduate ahead of time. You might as well relish the extra time on your visa.

1. Find out about your housing assignment. There is a possibility that foreign students are not housed in comfortable locations. You can always ask for a transfer. It is practical to live within the campus during the first few semesters. It will be difficult to live far away since it isolates you from social life and meeting other students.

2. Carry your student identification at all times. Legal drinking age in the USA is 21 years old. State governments are quite strict about this policy. Never use a fake passport or identification. This is strictly against the law. Grab opportunities that will help you live a normal life in the US. Open a bank savings account. Buy a computer and apply for a mobile phone plan. This may be rigorous but you need to do this right away. The social security card may not be a requirement. However, this will make things easier for you.

3. Try to get a part-time job in the campus. The F-1 visa holder is not permitted to work outside the campus, retail stores or restaurants. However, you can always work as a language mentor, library or research assistant. This is a stepping stone in acquiring the social security card. With this card, you can apply for a driver’s license, purchase a car, open a bank account, or obtain a credit card.

4. It is not necessary to pay full prices since students (local or foreign) are qualified for discounts when it comes to online and in-store purchases. Apply for a student driver’s license. It is not necessary to purchase an automobile right away. Just make sure to pass the tests to facilitate your application for a license in the state where you reside and study.

5. Try to meet new acquaintances so you will get to know the American culture. College the best time to meet different kinds of people. The truth is international students seldom fraternize with American youngsters. They prefer to live and do not generally participate in school activities such as athletic events. The key is to meet and socialize with Americans and foreigners.

6. It is advisable to look for your country’s student association. You can also join a club to that is familiar with your country’s culture. You can look forward to support from this organizations especially during difficult times. However, see to it that you also mingle with American students and peer groups. Get to know the traditions in the US as well as the typical American way of life.

7. Make it a point to understand cultural differences. Strive to acquire several internship programs while you are in the university. This is allowed by US immigration laws for international students.

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