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The United States government grants the F1 visa to international students attending academic programs (English Language) in American colleges or universities. However, these students should maintain minimum course loads for full-time learners. You can stay in the US for another two months after the visa expires to finish your academic curriculum.

An exception is if the student applied for and given the go-signal to work within a prescribed duration under the Optional Practical Training agenda. All F1 students must finish their schooling upon expiration as stated in the I-20 forms. This Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status is provided by the academic institution and states that the student was accepted and confirmed attendance.

What are the Visa qualifications?

The first is foreign residence and intention to return upon completion of the program. The overseas student is only allowed to study in the school where the Visa was given. Applicants need to show proof of adequate financial subsidy. The Study USA Financing Guide can assist overseas students regarding this matter. At the same time, candidates have to demonstrate solid relationship with their home countries. These “ties” include letter of job offer after finishing the course; assets such as real estate and vehicle; bank accounts; and, continuous family support.

Schools have varying admission pre-requisites. The university or college admissions office will notify candidates adjudged as academically qualified. Students may be asked to show evidence of financial capacity as well as health insurance for possible hospitalization and medical expenditures. The school will release the I-20 document so the candidate can apply for the student visa.

Applicants can apply at the American Embassy or Consulate near to their permanent residence. Otherwise, you may find it hard to become eligible if you file an application outside the country of your permanent dwelling place. The requirements consist of a non-refundable fee for application; Forms DS-160 which is the online form for non-immigrant visas and 157 for males who are 16 to 45 years old; valid passport (six months and beyond) for travel and stay in the US; and, colored digital photograph (head size should be 22 x 35 mm) and plain white background. The photo must have been taken during the last six months.

An interview is required to establish whether or not you are fit to be awarded the F1 student visa. See to it that you arrive on time and bring all necessary papers and receipts. Make sure that you can answer all questions regarding this decision to study in the United States. Questions will include academic qualifications together with choice of university or college. Keep in mind that educational expenses in this country are higher compared to other nations. The consular officer will certainly be asking about your overall previous performance as student.

Those approved will be asked to pay a fee for visa issuance while fingerprint scans will be obtained for record purposes. You may pick up the F1 visa or this can be delivered to your residential address.

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Nghi Tran – CFO/ Marketing Manager in Vietnam

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