Things to Do and Avoid When Studying in the US

Studying in a foreign country – especially in the United States – is an exciting endeavor. But it can be very stressful too. However, you can minimize all the foreseeable problems and the anxiety that comes with it if you prepare for this well. The dos and don’ts for this are listed below so… please, read on!

The Things to Do:

1 – Have copies of all necessary documents.

These include your passport, travel documents and health insurance, just to name a few. Originals should be in your carry-on but do make copies which should be kept in your other bags.

2 – Do your research especially when it comes to transportation.

Getting stranded is bad enough. Getting stranded with a bad jetlag is even worse. Make sure that you have a place to go to as soon as you land and a comfy ride that will bring you there.

3 – Have a medical plan.

This is one of the things which a lot of visitors and tourists often disregard when they are traveling to the US. And this is one of those things which they spend so much on in case of illnesses and injuries. Be prepared for this. Get at least the minimum plans for hospitalization and prescriptions, especially for emergency.

4 – Get Funded

You wouldn’t be allowed in the country unless you have shown the government proof of your funds. But see to it that you are prepared for extra funding just in case some unfortunate circumstance occurs (frozen funds for international students has happened to so many before). Scholarships and student loans can help you with this so, as soon as you land and get comfy, look for those as soon as possible.

5 – Be mobile ready!

International roaming fees will make you destitute in a day. See to it that you have set up the telecom service that you need to use in the US even before you get there. If you haven’t done this yet, take advantage of WiFi connections.


The Things You SHOULDN’T Do:

1 – Packing Light.

Generally, this is a great idea. But do remember: you will be living in another country for quite a while. See to it that you have everything which you need (take note that operative word is need) so that you would not have to tap into your savings anymore.

And please pack smart too. While that pair of neon orange stilettos would look amazing with your party dress, it’s really not perfect for the rest of your laid back and comfy school clothes.

2 – Not doing your research.

We’ve got Google now. Ignorance, in these days, is a sin which could kill you. And we are not exaggerating. See to it that you know everything there is to know about the place you will be living in during your stay in the United States.

3 – Winging it.

If this is utterly inadvisable to tourists who would be staying in the country for a week or two, it would follow that it’s completely imprudent to students who will be staying in the country for six months to a year – even more.

Marian Moore – Social Media Manager

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