The Need for Turning Up In the Host Country Well Ahead

Greenhandshake_welcome-new-studentsIf anyone is going to study in the U.S, he/she needs to know just when the classes are due to commence, and plan the journey accordingly. Anyway, for an overseas student in the new country, there are plenty of reasons to arrive there early enough. Under the circumstances, one should keep in mind certain things before buying that airline ticket that lets one arrive in the host country, well ahead of the commencement of classes.

Compensate for the Jet lag

While flying across the globe, jet-lag is inevitable. This will be cause for much trouble, but it can be minimized by going swimming, or go without sleep till it is time to go to bed, in the new surroundings. In spite of all these efforts, jet lag do happen, and so it is essential to have a few days, to come to terms with the change in time, before one can attend one’s classes, without any undue hardship.

Attend Orientation Events

Students from overseas usually arrive in their campus early enough, as they have to attend a whole series of events that will fill their time to the brink, such as team building exercises, local excursions, and informative meetings. These events are an introduction to one’s life abroad, and help one facilitate the sudden transition and also help in meeting new friends. The international student advisor of the college or university will inform one of all these events well in advance, before one could book one’s flight; or else, be sure to contact them, to ask them.

Familiarizing with the Changed Surroundings

Simple things such as unpacking, going around the campus, buying textbooks and groceries, can be a challenge when one turns up in a strange country, especially when one doesn’t speak English well. Studying in the U.S can be fun, if there is sufficient time to settle down, so that one begin one’s new life pleasantly enough, instead of having a stressful time. So if arrive early enough, there will be to explore the surroundings and also to enjoy it.

Taking Care of One’s Business

To manage important business between class-breaks can be very stressful, and in case the campus is spread over a large area or across the town, it becomes almost impossible. So it is better to reach the campus early, as it will enable one to handle matters such as the signing of the required documents, enrolling in the various classes, buying a cell phone and health insurance, opening a bank account, getting the student ID made, and such other important details.

Making Friends

Besides taking care of a lot of things, one will also have much free time to mix with the other students who are already arrived. The majority of the students arriving early tend to be international students. One can also find many student athletes, and campus student workers who come to the campus early. Although it is a fine thing to become acquainted with international students as one arrives, taking the trouble to look for other social groups also is necessary, early on.

Marian Moore – Social Media Manager

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