Requirements for International Students


When Applying for College in the US

You probably have a school (or a list of top ten schools) that you want to attend in the US so that won’t take you an hour to research about. The difficult part would be applying for those schools. And it is better that you know now how tough this process could really get.

Even if your parents can afford to send you off to the US in a heartbeat, you will still need to gather all those listed below if you want to study in the country. Each college or university will have a specific set of requirements but these are the basic ones which all have in common:

* Application Form

Personal and family information, education history including your testing scores and all your extracurricular activities will be asked for in those forms you must fill. See to it that you make yourself look as appealing to the school. But you also have to ensure that everything noted there is accurate.

* School Transcripts

These official documents will show your educational history, especially your grades. Take note that your country and the US may have different credit systems. In fact, this is often the case. So it’s best that you ask your school to convert the necessary information based on the credit system of the school which you are applying for.

* The SAT Score (aka ACT Score)

A lot of universities in the US require either or both of these scores as a minimum requirement. If you don’t have this, take the test so that you can submit the scores together with the application form and other necessary documentations.

* Proficiency in English

You’re in the United States so you will need to be competent in the usage (verbal and written) of English. All those coming from countries wherein English is not the primary language will be asked to take the IELTS or TOEFL. Like the SAT and / or ACT, you have to undergo this test beforehand and include the paper proving you passed the test with the rest of the documents.

* An Essay for Admission

The admission essay is one of the requirements that all schools will ask of hopeful applicants, international students or not. The only difference per school is the topic and the length of the essay.

Important Tip Here!!!

Never reuse a single essay when applying in different schools. Even if they are not strict about the topic for you to write about, you have to come up with an original write-up for every single university that you have applied for.

* The Application Fee

All universities and colleges in the US do ask for this since they need it for processing and other clerical work. Again, the only difference is the price although the good news is that most do not ask for more than $100.

Important Tip Here!!!

You don’t want to be spending a thousand bucks by applying in ten or twelve different schools so see to it that you go for maybe three of your most-desired university or college to attend.

Marian Moore – Social Media Manager

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