Reasons Immigrants come to the U.S

The story of immigration is deeply rooted in the country’s history. In a very long time, the United States of America opened the it’s doors to people looking for religious freedom and greater economic opportunities along with “the wanderers, adventurers, fortune seekers and the persecuted”. Immigrants made new homes and founded America, right from the very start. Many were drawn to the opportunities of free society and flourished in the country’s creative openness. America was, and remains to be a variable of cultural and ethnic groups.

One popular belief is that about 20, 000 years ago, the people from Northeast Asia were the original inhabitants of the United States. It was also believed by some, that these wanderers were the ancestors and founding population of what we see today’s Native Americans. By 1500s, the great European migrations, ruled by the French and Spanish, had started founding settlements in full hopes for new opportunities in the “Promised Land”. Many settlers came to America to seek greater economic opportunities and fortune in this new country which they thought to have infinite resources. The majority of these settlers hail from Asia and Europe. Meanwhile, several people from the Caribbean and Africa were taken to the United Stated and worked as forced labourers in the process of building new nation.

Europeans were considered the first immigrants back then however unlike the immigrants of today, the first European immigrants behaved differently – they isolated, attacked and even executed the Native Americans. Even though, the Native Americans couldn’t fight back using guns and firearms, they did everything they could in order to defend themselves.

Whenever an American citizen complains about immigration, we can see that there’s always a touch of irony. Without a doubt, everyone in this nation is a descendant of immigrants, except those whose origin is of pure Native American. America has gained its territory predominantly by means of violent and dishonest removal of its indigenous population. And yet, Americans perceive that this “promised land” is theirs alone and maintain the idea that it can be harmful, worse, immoral for other nationalities to enter the land.

So, you have probably wondered – why do people immigrate to the United States?

Truth is, immigrants chose to immigrate to America for many different reasons. The most common reasons include escaping oppression or poverty, practice beliefs and religions freely, live in freedom and make better lives in a richer part of the globe.

Some of us already have our family members or relatives residing in the United Stated, and we desire reunification. So one of the main reasons for immigration is family pull. A family-sponsored immigration allows a U.S citizen to sponsor his foreign-born parent, minor, spouse or unmarried children and siblings.

Other immigrants come to America for employment opportunities. Young people trend to leave the poorer side of the glove in search for better job opportunities in richer part. An employment-based immigration allows a United States employer to sponsor a person for a certain position where there’s a demonstrated absence from American workers.

But, prosperity is the genuine reason behind the immigration. For many years, economic growth has transcended population growth which gives the country more prosperity and people. To simply put this, the strong desire to make a better life and what America has to offer are what drawn people from all over the world to immigrate to the U.S.

Son Nguyen – CEO/ Founder of Greenhandshake

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