Places To Seek Help in A Campus

PierpontflagsWhen a person has decided to pursue studies in a college or university in the United States, the experience can be a truly pleasant one. This is mainly because of the many services offered to local and international students alike. There are several places to turn to for help or assistance in every university, whether one needs counseling services, legal assistance or just to polish one’s writing. Given below are eight places that one can turn to when for help, while studying in any university in the U.S.

The International Student Office

The International Student Office stands ready to students with all kinds of assistance, such as solving issues related to school, answer possible cultural questions and so on. Here one can also meet with fellow international students, who might also be of assistance, in answering any questions that one might have.

The Writing Center

A person might be very good at expressing himself/herself conversationally in English, but there are times when it is necessary to make sure that his/her skills in writing are indeed very good. The university writing center offers one-on-one tutoring, for international students as well as any person who requires additional help. Here even highly experienced writers can learn something.

Your Professors

One’s professors understand that most international students might have to face extra challenges, whether they are related to culture or language. Never feel shy to ask any questions or seek clarification about academic assignments, whenever needed. To ask questions is a normal thing at all American university.

Student Union

Studying abroad means also means the many friends one is going to make. Many students prefer to have international students as friends, but having local friends is more important while studying internationally. The Student Union is a good place to begin meeting other students as it is the social center in most campuses in the U.S. Then there are clubs that suits one’s interests and to come across like-minded people.

Career Services

To find a job while in the US for your studies, a student can check with the career services. They will of help in preparing resume, hone interview skills and even help in searching for jobs during CPT and OPT. If a resume has been made already, they can spruce it up, and guide one in finding positions that are worth applying for, and to offer excellent advice, when one starts on a career.

The Academic Adviser

While studying in a US university or college, an academic adviser will be assigned to a student, as a guide in all academic aspects. He/she will inform you of the courses to take, and help in fulfilling the many requirements of the course, and do much more. The adviser will be of help in planning one’s education, as also in the change to a potential career. Usually, there will be one or meetings scheduled every semester, but one can ask for extra appointments if necessary.

Counseling Center

Whenever one moves to a foreign country, it is only natural that one undergoes some culture shock. This can be a bit overwhelming or isolating, at times. This is where university counselors come in, to guide students with similar problems. By working around his/her own schedule, they will make a make a significant difference in the way students feel about differences in culture. So never hesitate to set up an appointment with them.

Legal Services

Hopefully, one will never have to visit the department of legal services while pursuing one’s studies. However, if a student comes across immigration or visa issues, he or she will need assistance from legal services department of the college or university. They can be of help in unraveling the rather confusing legal process and be at one’s side while working to settle the problem.  If the college doesn’t have a legal services department, then the international student advising office will be of help.

By taking advantage of these eight helpful resources, a student stands poised to experience a winning cultural transition, as well as college experience.

Marian Moore – Social Media Manager

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