Packing Advice that International College Student Should Consider


Deciding on which clothes to bring and listing of the school necessities is already difficult. However, packing for your international flight is a lot more difficult because as you add more items to your luggage you also add additional cost for shipping. So, it is very crucial that you pack wisely. Consider only the things that you really need to give you a good start when you arrive in the U.S. There are items that can help you cut on cost when you purchase them when you arrive. Later on, when you have adapted to your new environment and have saved a significant amount of money, you can decide to spend on items that you want.

To help you out, below is a list of the things you need to bring when you leave and the things you need to buy when you arrive.

Things to Bring When You Leave Home

* The right amount of appropriate clothes. This means clothes that would the weather in your destination. Surely, you have a good number of this kind of clothes. Choose the ones you really like and you are comfortable with. Buying clothes when you arrive can be very expensive.

* Toiletries and bath towel. You would surely use these when you arrive at your new temporary home.

* Proof of identity such as student visa and passport. Aside from this proof of identification, it would be better to check with your university’s international student office to determine what other requirements you need to bring.

* Multipurpose travel adaptor. The buildings and institutions in your country might possible have a different type of outlet compared to the country of your destination. SO, it would be a smart idea to bring an adaptor, particularly a multipurpose one, so you can use all your electronic devices.

* Items with personal significance such as mementos. Though you cannot bring huge, tangible heirlooms, you can bring photos and accessories with sentimental value that would always remind you of home and your family.

Things to Buy When You Arrive in Your Destination

* Multipurpose cleaning wipes. These are small items but have a lot of uses. You’ll need a lot of these when cleaning and arranging your new room.

* Shower shoes and slippers. If you have your own bathroom you can just buy the slippers. The bathrobe is also important, so buy at least one.

* Multi-plugs and extension cords. This would prove to be useful when you are already in your new room. However, you need to check first with your new university whether or not keeping of these items is allowed.

* First-aid kit. Even if you’re not an international student, keeping a handy first-aid kit is always useful and beneficial.

* Sewing kit. You should at least have the basic items such as needle, string, and scissors.

* Hangers and tableware. These would keep your closet and your mini-kitchen organized and functional.

* Shelves and storage boxes. You can buy these later on, as you will need these when you already have many books to read and use as references.

Aside from the above, you also need to buy USB drive, books and other academic resources. 

Marian Moore – Social Media Manager

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