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Wherever one turns to nowadays, one sees myriads of advertisements for MBAs. These ads are displayed prominently on buses, huge billboards, TV shows and what not. With all these around, and people talking about it in awesome tones, there seem to be something very significant about MBA. Let’s look into this super educational qualification, in some detail!


With the advent of the 20th century, a wholly new industrial era came into being, necessitating the employment of individuals trained in advanced practices in the field of business administration.  The very first MBA degree was awarded at the Harvard University as far back as in 1908, and as time passed by several US universities and colleges began to grant this highly coveted degree. Beginning with 1950, numerous international universities followed suit, by providing like graduate business programs, culminating in the conferring of MBAs upon the successful completion of the course.

How to Be Eligible for an MBA Program

As is the case with most graduate degrees, various MBA programs ask for different prerequisites for gaining admission. To gain masters in business administration, one needs to have an undergraduate degree in a subject, as well as excellent GRE or GMAT scores. Several prestigious MBA programs ask for work experience, and sometimes need a number of applicant interviews. Interestingly, there is no prescribed timeline for getting the MBA degree. Some students join the program immediately after college, while some so do so after working for scores of years in the business arena.

The Actual MBA Program

MBA programs in general feature the basic business courses. Classes such as Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Human Resources, etc. make certain that all MBA students possess all-rounded in their respective disciplines and their foundations remain strong before they can proceed to advanced coursework.

There are some programs that move straight into the many specialized business concentrations. MBAs courses include global business, real estate, technology business, human resources, entrepreneurship, and e-commerce, to name a few.

These programs are of various types such as be part-time, full-time, distance learning, online, specially designed programs for working professionals, and as part of a dual-degree program. However, in spite of the variety, accreditation bodies work in the background with the aim of maintaining uniformity as well as quality of programs.


Why People Want to Get an MBA?

People have their own particular reasons for studying for an MBA degree, but most applicants do so for three important reasons. Firstly, an MBA degree brings about an increase in salary and possibly advancement into senior management positions. Secondly, this prestigious degree can lead to fresh job opportunities that call for an advanced business degree. Lastly, an MBA provides most business professionals an opportunity to enhance their skills, an aim that is shared by almost all professions.

MBA Considerations

Of the myriads of considerations that make people go for an MBA, three stand out. Firstly, the consideration of money! MBA programs are generally very expensive to pursue, but at times financial aid might be forthcoming from institutions or the student’s own employer is willing to provide it. The second consideration is location. Some wants to attend a brick and mortar classroom, when some prefer online programs. Third and last is prestige, which is a deciding factor in pursuing an MBA. Some have their eyes planted on prestigious business schools such as Harvard, Northwestern or Pennsylvania, or may be a highly ranked MBA program online like that of the one available at the Washington State University. In fact one should aim high, but at the same time realistic too about it, by knowing one’s limits and potential.

Now one must have a good idea as to what an MBA degree is all about. Whether it is a new opportunity to be derived from masters in the field of international business, or a promotion with an MBA in finance, this coveted degree has persuaded many takes stock of themselves, and their potential and the need to enhance it.

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