Internships in America


Getting a full-time job in America is one of the most common ways to make immigrants eligible for green cards and internships can lead to such employment. Whether you are an international student or a foreigner seeking to sharpen your skills through internships or jobs in America, there are tons of helpful websites for you. Here are three most recommended and reliable internship searching sites:


This is one of the largest internship marketplace that match students with paid/college credit internships and entry-level jobs in all over 50 states. You will also find the Internship Predictor tool that can suggest the best kind of internships/jobs and environment for you based on your personality and personal preferences.


There are tons of great resources on Internmatch that will get you ready for a job search such as resume template, cover letter template as well as advice from expert recruiters about what to say in your interview. Complete profiles of employers are created for you to learn more about them before applying. Every week, Internmatch also showcases 10 trending students’ profiles that get the most views from employers and that will attract more recruiters!


A review cited from a student using on : “…You can search within 100 miles of a specific location by designating country, state, city, and mileage specifications and you can broaden or narrow your search by adding or deleting specific criteria. By clicking on Organizations and then country, you can get a full list of organizations participating and listing numerous opportunities…”. is one of the best internship search tools recommended in 2015.

Good luck with your American dream!

Jen Tran – Social Media Assistant

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