International Students, English Language Requirements

english-language-requirements-greenhandshakeInternational students pursuing their studies in the U.S, have some language requirements to get admission to a university, college, or school, not necessary for American citizens. To get such an admission, one has to be adept at the English language. Many colleges test the English language skills by requiring all foreign students to present test scores certain specified English language aptitude tests such as TOEFL or Test of English Language as a Foreign Language, or IELTS or the International English Language Testing System, the ACT-COMPASS test. These tests assess the level of international students in reading, writing, listening, and speaking English.

How to Prepare For These Tests?

First of all determine what test is required by the college or university, one is seeking admission to, as well as the course. Once it is determined, a visit to the website of the concerned test is necessary. There are several websites that offer online study guides that provide complete information as to the types of questions asked, the number of questions and how and where to take the required test. For instance, TOEFL provides an online test, and a candidate enters his/her answers to the questions into a computer. This test is termed TOEFL iBT. A conventional paper based test is also available, known as TOEFL PBT. The test guide available on the TOEFL website is constantly updated, and offers invaluable tips, on the ways to prepare for the exam.

After finding out what test is required for one to write, the next step is to find out where is the most convenient test center. Some tests are given only during certain times of the year, and so prepare accordingly. Universities and colleges in the US have deadlines for submitting applications for admission. So one should take particular care not to miss them, as one failed to take the required test, well ahead. It is better to take the test, at least one year in advance, if possible.

Actually such tests are meant for those who can speak English, and have already undergone some kind of training in speaking the English language. So, if a candidate cannot speak English fluently, it will be hard for him/her to attend these tests.

Applying to universities and universities in the U.S. can be very stressful, as the whole process includes a lot of test scores, transcripts and other documentation. By completing the whole process successfully, one is paving a good way, to a bright future for one.

Marian Moore – Social Media Manager

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