International Student? Need a hand? Greenhandshake is Here for You!


Many international students find this concept cool. This is an international students’ service that helps foreign students living and studying in the United States.

Youthful proponents of Greenhandshake choose to call their group a trustworthy community marketplace which connects immigrants who just arrived in the US with each other. Through the international students’ service, young migrants can seek the assistance of their peers who are already established comfortable with the American way of life. This web-based bidding platform allows users to post tasks where they need assistance. Concerns usually range from simple favors such as a ride from the airport to more complicated immigration matters.

The unique international students’ service is a windfall for young men and women who need the guidance of old-timers. Adjusting to this new life is not easy especially for the immature and inexperienced. This is a significant challenge made tougher by new culture, strict immigration laws, culture shock, and fast-paced routine. Besides, there is always the factor of homesickness as well as American English accent which is sometimes hard to figure out.

Greenhandshake’s international students’ service is meant for overseas students who are seemingly in awe of university life in the land of promise that is America. Certainly, these teenagers need all the good advice and moral support until they get settled down. This is precisely what Greenhandshake Founder and CEO Son Hoang Nguyen from Vietnam experienced during his first few years in the US. Now, it is his turn to lend a hand to immigrants and foreign students adjusting to this strange country, language and culture.

It does not matter if you come from Asia, the Middle East, South America, or Europe. Advocates of international students’ service will gladly provide assistance for newcomers. One form of assistance is by guiding new students in looking for the right university and degree. Greenhandshake can help you find schools with outstanding rankings in the major of your preference. At the same time, the platform can provide suggestions with regards to eligibility for college scholarships and financial assistance programs. This international students’ service can also provide valuable information like application forms and deadlines, tuition fees, recommendation letters, admission requirements, and tests like TOEFL or SAT.

Foreign students can browse the Internet and look for Greenhandshake and all pertinent information at The organization’s FB account is Greenhandshake Facebook and its blog site is Go to the How it Works page ( so you can start right away in posting your tasks.

Marian Moore – Social Media Manager

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