Important Tips While Applying for An Internship in the U.S.


A lot of international students studying in the U.S. get opportunities to obtain real-world work experience via CPT or OPT. Although these two options might have limitations, it is still a fine opportunity to add to one’s industry knowledge as well as build one’s Resume up. But, the procedure for applying for internships in the U.S. can be different from that of in other countries, and so can be rather intimidating. To make certain that one is not compelled to begin the process of internship application, without having any idea as to what to anticipate, here are some helpful tips:

Fierce Competition

There will be literally thousands of students who are seeking an internship. This signifies that it is necessary to compete with all the other applicants, to get the type of internship that one is looking for. So, it’s crucial to make the best efforts, to be precise and punctual, and do the necessary follow up, often.

Find Out And Apply Well in Advance

While planning for a summer internship, one should not wait till May or June to start searching, but begin months in advance. Most internship positions, particularly the really sought after ones will get filled up right early. Internship positions can be found in websites such as LinkedIn, Craigslist, or any other student job search sites, and when a suitable one is found, apply early.

Get Ready The Necessary Documents

Internships in general require the submission of certain documents such as a cover letter, job application to the company, and updated Resume. They might require other documents besides, such as a transcript or letters of reference, so get all these documents ready. If one doesn’t know how to write a cover letter, get help. If lacking in a letter of reference, one ask one’s professor for one. Unless all the documents the company asks for are presented, the application can be summarily rejected.

Through Editing is Important

Proofread as well as edit all the documents before submitting them. Edit them, asks a friend to edit it too, or contact the campus writing center. When a company gets a lot of applications for any position, they sift through all the initial applications and discard the ones with errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar or any other type of writing mistakes.

Say Thank You

If called for an interview as a part of the hiring process, follow it up by means of a thank you note, either by ordinary post or an email. Prior to leaving the interview, don’t forget to request the business cards of all persons one has spoken to, and follow up, by thanking them for their precious time.

Stay legal.

Before looking for an internship position in the US, the student should ensure that he/she is eligible to work legally while studying in the U.S. If unsure, or confused about the whole process of participating in CPT or OPT, seek the advice of international student advisor, in the campus.

Marian Moore – Social Media Manager

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