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Life in this cherished country is not all a bed of roses. In short, life in the USA is not easy. If you are an immigrant, there are many adjustments to be made and difficult challenges to cope with. Blending with the American culture cannot be done overnight. Aside from traditions, immigrants must become familiar with the fast and urban lifestyle. On top of this, it is essential to adapt to American food, clothes, language, religion, and laws.

Another major concern for an immigrant is how to deal with culture shock. This is the feeling of bewilderment that people go through once introduced to a new way of life. This is aggravated by sadness, clamor for the company of family members, identity loss, vulnerability, and lack of self-confidence. Suddenly, the immigrant is a stranger in a country which seems to be very modern and co-workers or local students are indifferent. Culture shock, if not resolved, can prove to be your downfall.

How do you resist culture shock and adjust to life in the USA with less pressure? Bear in mind that your life is very normal. Living in the US is just like residing in your own country. Keep in close contact with your next of kin and friends. This is not a problem because of computer technology, the world-wide web, mobile gadgets, and social media. Look for food that is familiar to you. Consume a healthy diet. Seek out your countrymen and make friends with Americans who share the same hobbies and interests that you have.

Look for the support system that you need. If you are a foreign student, this will probably come from the International Students Office or Admissions Center that can be found in all universities and colleges in the US. These facilities make easier transition of overseas students from their home countries to the United States. There are orientations sessions at the start of the school year to familiarize freshmen and new enrolls with the way of life in American academic institutions.

New acquaintances, academic advisers and guidance counselors can also provide this kind of assistance. Besides, immigrant students are always welcome to join campus organizations or take part in social activities that can take away home sickness.  These are good venues for making friends among different students. Indeed cultural disparities and language impediments can be the toughest challenges for international students or even workers in the USA. Homesickness is another big issue.

Greenhandshake can help you out. The young advocates of this unique organization are willing to help colleagues who still have to get a feel for the American way of life. Newcomers can seek the help of immigrants (students or professionals) who have already settled in the US. Greenhandshake can also give valuable information about the requirements that new students must fulfill during their first year in an American school. Browse the website and go over It will certainly spell a big difference for the new immigrant student.

Son Hoang Nguyen – CEO/ Founder

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