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An F1 visa is a requirement for international students who want to study in the United States. It can be a stressful process but not an impossible task. You just need preparation in order to secure an F1 visa. There are three requirements for qualification that you should meet. This will help you understand the procedure before you pass your documents and face an interview in the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.


First, it is essential that you prove that you will obtain a foreign residence but you still have ties to your home country. This can be proven by showing financial documents such as bank account information and proof of assets. You may even show a job offer letter and indicate that your parents are still in your home country such as a business permit. This does not only show that you are financially capable of supporting yourself while abroad but also indicates that you have a reason to return back to your home country. Be prepared to be asked about your plans after you graduate. This is a common question since the consulate would like to know what you will do after you obtain your American education. Significantly, migration would be an underlying issue and as a student you would want to avoid casting doubt on your plans to simply study. In spite the fact that graduation is years away, it is important for you to decide on your future as soon as possible. The types of questions you can expect are how often will you visit home and where do want to work? They may also ask if you have any relatives in the United States.


Second, you have to obtain your I-20 from the school who has accepted you. They function as an eligible sponsoring institution. It is important to note that not all colleges can issue an I-20 therefore you must find a school that does. You can ask assistance from your school’s Designated School Official or DSO who has a list of eligible schools that can issue an I-20. The DSO is approved by the USCIS and U.S. State Department wherein they can help you with other questions about becoming an international student. You can expect eligible sponsoring institution questions such as why do want to attend this school or why are you pursuing this degree? These questions are meant to discover your intentions of having an American education. You can offer reasons why you want to study such program such as it not being available in your home country.


Lastly, the biggest hurdle one usually faces in obtaining an F1 visa is to demonstrate financial capability. It is vital that you are able to show that you can support yourself abroad and pay for tuition fees and cost of living. This will require bank information such as a student loan or certificates of amount deposited in the bank. This highlights how you must be able to show proof of funds. Your proof is also necessary in obtaining an I-20 wherein you bank information can be useful. However, if you’ve taken out a loan you may use your loan approval as proof to the school. You can also expect financial support types of questions such as what are your parent’s annual income and occupation.  

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