How students can travel Free of Charge?


Summer holidays prove to be an excellent opportunity for students to travel. The question is this: Will it be affordable for any student? The truth is you can be creative to get the chance to see the whole world. These are the ways for students to travel during the summer break:

1. Study grants and cultural exchange programs are trendy. Many foreign governments sponsor undergraduate students to avail of short cultural exchange programs and study grants. Accommodations, land transport and subsistence costs are covered. Universities finance air fare, visas and vaccinations most of the time. This is the chance to become familiar with the culture of other nations.

2. You can apply as an English tutor to travel anywhere in the world. It is a lucrative option for student travelers. Expenses are covered and schools will even pay for your services as mentors. It is also the best way to make new friends.

3. Apply for travel grants. Many organizations finance foreign travel for students. All you need is to present a comprehensive plan that your travel will be meaningful. These associations appreciate trips that promote personal or cultural development. Nonetheless, there are specifications and parameters that students must adhere to.

4. Participate in competitions. This may not be a 100 percent guarantee but international competitions usually offer attractive prizes. There are many contests for amateur writers, artists, poets, and sportsmen.

5. Try to study abroad. There are always opportunities for undergraduates to study at least for two semesters in foreign universities. There are numerous scholarship grants and other forms of financial aid for deserving students.

6. Apply as a tour guide. Look for tourism offices, hotels and tour agencies recruiting student tour guides who can speak fluent English. There are strict requirements but you can prepare for these prerequisites. It is one way of covering the costs of foreign trips.

7. You can also work in a farm provided you are not choosy and do not mind getting dirty at all. This will provide you food, free accommodations and minimal stipends. It may be necessary to pay a small fee for membership but it is a good chance to travel.

8. It is also possible to raise funds for charity purposes. These activities are done yearly. The idea behind this scheme is to travel during the weekend for free. Look for sponsors from your family, close friends and private companies. The idea is to raise money for a good cause and travel at the same time. It is definitely a unique and enjoyable activity.

9. Look for well to do friends who can provide you with opportunities to travel abroad. You can always stay with new colleagues and come out of the initiative with new points of view, language skills, financial rewards and contentment. You may need to pay for your airfares but the accommodations as well as personal tour guide are certainly for free.

Given these prospects, students have a lot of chances to travel around the world for free or minimal expenses.

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Sue J Liu – COO/ VP of Marketing

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