How GREENHANDSHAKE helps immigrants to the United States

How Greenhandshake help US immigrants

Many immigrants flock to the country of their dreams for many reasons. More often than not, the United States is the country of choice. These people come from different parts of the world hoping to begin a new life. For an immigrant from Asia, South America or the Middle East, the US holds the key for a new and better life.

Unfortunately, it is not always a bed of roses for all of them. These settlers do not expect stumbling blocks in their new homeland. For many, it can be something that they never thought of such as serious US immigration issues. For thousands of immigrants, refugees and exchange students, the much sought-after American Dream turned out to be a regrettable experience.

It may be providential that there are organizations committed to help these people.

Community Marketplace

GREENHANDSHAKE is described as a dependable web-based community marketplace that assists immigrants arriving in the United States primarily to link up with each other. Through this organization, these individuals can seek help from colleagues who have become accustomed to living standards in this country.

GREENHANDSHAKE maintains an online bidding system that allows users to publish tasks where they require assistance. In turn, other users can also bid on these. Tasks vary from very basic requests such as a ride from the airport to guidance with more complicated US immigration issues. This is what Son Hoang Nguyen, founder and chief executive officer of this organization emphasizes. Relocating to a new country is not only a big trial or simple culture shock. It can be devastating. That is why GREENHANDSHAKE is always ready to lend a hand to newly-arrived immigrants.

Immigration Issues to Handle

Indeed, immigrants search for greener pastures. However, these will not happen instantly and easily. There are other US immigration issues such as racial discrimination and stringent legislation. They have to bear strong scrutiny, comments and doubts brought up by genuine US citizens. Immigrants are often treated as second-class or even third-class residents. These incidents frequently led to quarrels and violence. Oftentimes, the immigrant is at the losing side and usually ends up in prison. Deportation is the next probable consequence. The poor Asian, Mexican or European needs an ally. And, GREENHANDSHAKE can provide this.

GREENHANDSHAKE has the full support of other youthful and pro-active men and women who are ready to take up the cudgels for US immigrants facing challenges in their new home. It is about time that US immigration issues are identified and resolved.

Marian Moore – Social Media Manager

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