Happy Lunar New Year 2015

2015 Chinese New Year English Greetings Red Background Illustrat

Tet (Lunar New Year celebration) is coming in 2 weeks! HOW EXCITING!! Without Tet, I don’t feel like 2015 is here YET. That being said, Vietnamese people in America at some point can feel like a new year has never come for them because they cannot have a proper and originally traditional Tet celebration in a foreign country. (OMG. Why am I still writing 2014 on my check??)

Nhật absolutely feels the same way as he wrote “The meaning of this Lunar New Year is family and friend reunion. I’ve been away from home, Vietnam, where most of my family live, and I dearly miss this moment of the year.”

Are you living in America? Do you miss having Banh Chung (Vietnamese traditional sticky rice cake) and desperately want a true Tet atmosphere right in the US? ORRRR mayyy be, you are in the international students club at your university and because of this occasion, you want to SHOW your fellows what a TRUE TET CELEBRATION is? Connect with our Vietnamese community on Greenhandshake at http://greenhandshake.com/ and start off a wonderful year! Tet can be the occasion for a reunion, but it can also be a chance to make new friends and build your network.


Jen Tran – Social Media Assistant

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