H-1B Visa – Cap, Lottery Predictions, Required Fees and News for 2017

maxresdefault1The following is a comprehensive guide for H-1B Visa applicants (FY 2017).

Application forms are available April 1, 2016 and onwards. USCIS will accept petitions for the next fiscal year. Henceforth, any forms filed after April 1, 2016 is for H1-B starting October 1, 2016. All rejected application forms filed in 2015 get the chance to apply after April 1 for 2017.

The H-1B quota is the maximum number of applications that USCIS will accept for the year. This is authorized by Congress.

For regular visas – 65, 000

For holders of master degrees – 20, 000

6, 800 applications are reserved for citizens of Chile and Singapore.

For FY 2016, some 233, 000 applications were submitted for this particular Visa.

There is a big demand for H-1B Visas in 2017 due to the improved job market. Applicants not chosen in 2016 can apply again this 2017. Companies prefer to file H-1B petitions because of restrictions for B1 and L1 visas.

Foreigners who plan to work in the US during the following fiscal year must plan ahead to avoid problems. F1 students should also try to get internship or temporary jobs in these companies sponsoring H-1B visas. Check out possible sponsors and get in touch with them for CPT or OPT after graduation. For skilled professionals planning to relocate to the US, it is advisable to look for multi-national firms. The best time to apply internally for this Visa is next fiscal year.

Students can find sponsors for H-1B Visas and go through several internship programs. However, this may be quite complicated for working professionals. Conglomerates can help in this case to facilitate the process. These international companies can choose employees as Visa sponsors. Another option is to find consulting firms. However, applicants must be cautious since there are many fraudulent individuals and groups. Refrain from giving money to these people or you may end up being victims of scams.

Breakdown of Fees:

Base Filing Fee – $325

USCIS Anti-Fraud fee – $500

ACWIA Education and Training fee –

$750 for companies with less than 25 employees

$1, 500 for companies with more than 25 employees

Public Law 111-320 Fee – $4, 000

Optional Premium Processing Fee- $1, 225


What is the H1-B premium visa processing process?

This is a different approach because the applicant needs to wait for a minimum of three months or 90 days to find out if the petition has been approved or rejected. This is the regular process. Under the H1-B premium visa processing process, the applicant will know if his or her application has been approved or rejected within two weeks. However, there is an additional payment of $1, 225. Premium processing is available anytime the applicant wants it.

This is a guide and reminder for H-1B Visa application FY 2017. There is no time to waste since time is gold. Move fast so there is an opportunity to be chosen in lottery for FY 2017.

Marian Moore – Social Media Manager

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