Greenhandshake: Find Off-Campus Housing for International Student


One of the biggest challenges that every international student faces upon arrival in college is finding suitable accommodation. If you have previously lived, or have family or relatives in the US, they can help you deal with any housing issues. For overseas students, however, things are a bit different.

Greenhandshake is a community marketplace with years of experience which enables people, who have just recently arrived in the US to connect with others in the same situation. It’s also amazingly helpful, as it allows for international students to get in touch with people from their own country, who have already been living in the US. The local people can provide invaluable local advice, when it comes to finding accommodation, rent guidance and any sort of housing issues.

Greenhandshake has one of the most interesting and successful systems of connecting local people and international students. If you’re looking for advice, information or just someone to talk you though stuff, you can post your task and wait for other users to bid. Greenhandshake’s motto is that there is no small task and you can ask for pretty much anything – from information, through help with complex immigration issues, up to a lift from the airport!

No matter how prepared you think you are, moving to a different country is always challenging. Different lifestyle, laws, and customs, as well as the language barrier can lead to confusion and even culture shock, and many students feel like there’s nobody they could talk to about these feelings. The innovative marketplace Greenhandshake strives to fill exactly this niche by connecting newcomers with people who have already established their lives in the US. This unique service provides guidance, advice, information and help to young people and international students upon arrival in the USA to help their smooth transition into the American society – and so far, they’re doing an amazing job at it!

Nghi Tran – CFO/ Marketing Manager in Vietnam

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