Finding Sponsors for H1B Visa

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Are you planning to apply for the H1B visa? The USCIS has started accepting petitions for the H1B Visa since April 1 every year. Here are the possible questions that applicants may have:

* How do students look for sponsors?

* How can individuals with H4 visa in the US find sponsors?

* How can individuals with L1 Visa and move to H1B Visa?

* How to obtain a complete list of companies that sponsor H1B Visa?

* How to avoid fake enterprises claiming to sponsor H1B visa?


Multiple options for possible sponsorship

There are different ways of finding H1B Visa sponsors?

* Databases of H1B  firms that sponsor visas

* Internship that leads to acquiring H1B Visa Sponsorship

* Consulting Companies (Be careful since this may be fraud)

* H1B Sponsorship through universities in the US


Sponsors Database

This is a very direct/hit and miss method of finding H1B Visa sponsors. The US Department of Labor publishes Labor Condition Application (LCA) information every quarter including the list of sponsors. You need to review the website of the department and Foreign Labor Certification Data Center. However, the information is in MS Access format or large text files which are difficult to read. 

There are some websites like My Visa Jobs, Visa Square, H1base that use said Database and information in a more user-friendly format. It contains contact information of corporations that have sponsored H1B visas. You can contact these companies directly. 

Check some websites like:


IT Companies

These companies recruit international students and professionals for possible work in the USA. Said institutions sponsor visas for professionals with experience in China, India, Vietnam… or recruit talent in the US.  The objective is to make contacts and determine requirements and obtain sponsorship.  They always look for students and professionals with experience in preferred fields. The salaries may not be very high but you will definitely get the sponsorship. 


If you are in the final semester of your MS or MBA, one alternative is to search for internship or co-op. You can use the labor department’s database for the list of authentic companies.  It is important to be careful before making a final decision for internship. This is not a problem in big American cities where there are startup communities and many foreign students.

Consulting Companies

Consulting firms used to be the main sources of sponsors for H1B Visa sponsorship before modifications were made to the policies. This came about in 2011. Unfortunately, some companies abused the H1B Program which prodded the USCIS to introduce numerous changes. These were meant to prevent cases of fraud. In fact, many fraudulent H1B companies were prohibited from sponsoring H1B Visas. The labor department says you should not pay any fee. The point is to be cautious and conduct due diligence before committing to any consulting firms. Seek the assistance of knowledgeable colleagues to know more about these companies.

H1B Sponsorship (American Universities)

Many academic institutions sponsor these visas for international students based on academic qualifications or experiences.  You will not be included in the H1B Visa cap with visa sponsorship.  However, you are not allowed to transfer your H1B visa to other companies. It may only be transferred to a university/college or research institution.  

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