American dream is associated with a bunch of problems


For an international student, going to a US college is SUPER EXCITING!! You will experience an independent life faaaaaar away from home (no parents! yoo-hoo!), enjoy the best education system in the world and meet people from all parts of the world!

But that American dream is associated with a bunch of problems:

1. Homesick (Oh yeah, you will everything from home and weird things like the smell of your house :o)

2. The language barrier (an American friend greeted you the other day “What’s up, partner in crime?” then walked away while you were still confused and did not know how to respond, thinking to yourself “Am I a criminal?”)

3. Culture shock. (first time in your life, you will feel lonely in the sea of thousands of people)

YET, “One of the most daunting tasks is finding a place to live – especially if you’re searching from overseas… most international students don’t have someone to guarantee them find housing.”

In this article, the author is discussing how international students share and find housing information through social media. This can be a very convenient and clever way, BUT these students are concerned about whether they can trust the information. What else? They don’t know if the price is the best deal that they can find. So while those international students are fumbling for housing, why don’t YOU get help from OR become the help of our Greenhandshake community? We connect people from not only the same ethnic group but also are the ones who share the same experience of living in the US to help each other. The best deal is always for you to determine. But most importantly, you can always trust our community.

Let’s maximize your awesome experience in America and enjoy the adventure!

Jen Tran – Social Media Assistant

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